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Auma multi turn actuators

Auma SA actuators distributor in India

Auma multi turn actuators

Dealer and distributor of Auma multi turn electric and pneumatic valve actuator in Mumbai available size range from 10 to 32000 Nm

Leading stockist of Auma multi turn SA and SAR suitable for output speed from 4 to 90 rpm

Auma multi turn actuators specifications

Auma multi turn actuators specification
Stockholder of Auma variable speed actuators SAV and SARV offer with 3 phase AC motors with torque sensing features
Stocking distributor of Auma variable speed actuator seven modulating classes A, B , and C variations

Buy Auma multi turn actuators in single and 3 phase AC or DC motor at best cost in Coimbatore, Banglore, Delhi and Mumbai

  • Auma
  • Handwheel for manual
  • SA and SAR
  • SAV and SARV
  • Variable speed actuator SEVEN
  •  ISO 5210

SA torque range

  • 10 Nm to 32,000 Nm
SA output speeds
  •  4 to 180 rpm
SA AC and DC motors
  • 1 ph
  • 3 ph
SAR torque range
  • 15 Nm to 4,000 Nm
SAR output speeds
  • 4 to 90 rpm
SAR AC and DC motors
  • 1 ph
  • 3 ph
SAV Conditions
  • Wide ambient temp range
  • Good enclosure protection
  • High corrosion protection
Variable speed actuator SEVEN  interfaces
  • O/P drive types as per DIN and ISO standards
  • Integration into all variants of DCS
  • Bluetooth connection
  • USB port for connection to PC / USB flash drive

SARV Interfaces and functional properties

  • Soft start and stop
  • Avoiding pressure surges
  • Fieldbus control
  • Process controller
  • Bluetooth interface
  • Operation data logging
  • Fast and precise positioning up to 16 ports
  • Cable entries in different versions
  • O/P drive types as per DIN and ISO standards
  • Electrical connection via AUMA


  • Good enclosure protection
  • Wide ambient temp range
  • High corrosion protection
Payment mode
  • L/C
  • D/P
  • T/T
  • D/A

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